Representing the ultimate expression of our estate vineyard’s terroir, our sought-after CSV wines embody the pinnacle of Cave Spring winemaking. Handcrafted almost exclusively from our oldest vines—some of which were planted as far back as the mid-1970s—our CSV wines are made using approximately the top five percent of grapes from Cave Spring Vineyard. As a testament to our belief that the terroir of the Beamsville Bench is expressed to the fullest degree by Riesling and Chardonnay, we focus on these two varieties for this acclaimed tier of wines. Marked by their purity, grace and profound, mineral-infused flavors, these grapes are chosen by our winemaker from the finest blocks and barrels to create our Riesling CSV and Chardonnay CSV. To ensure an absolute focus on quality, our CSV wines are only released when merited by the growing season, although the remarkable consistency of these varieties in our vineyard means that few and far between are those vintages when we are unable to make these wines.